Scramble is a multi-purpose coverage system, with lots application fields.


Scramble is designed for airports and flying clubs, as aircraft hangars or other aviation structures. The extensive offering is able to meet the space requirements generated by the size of aircraft: from small ultra-light aircraft to general aviation aircraft.


Scramble is designed for military use (military shelters, military field tents, aircraft hangars and multi-purpose field shelters for the Armed Forces). Thanks to their light weight, flexibility and static strength, Scramble offers quick, strong solutions intended for easy use “out of area” and in “Theatres of Operations”.

Civil Defence

Scramble can be considered also as a modular cover, for civil defence shelters, helicopters and vehicles hangars. Thanks to its light weight and flexibility, Scramble is the best choice in terms of strength, shipping, handy and high-speed assembly.


Scramble is the alternative cover system for the company that provide services for oil and gas companies (transportation helicopter services, drilling and exploration campaigns, etc).


The shape and the functionality of Scramble is also suitable for covered storages and shelters for logistics facilities, ideal for loading/unloading areas.