The Secret of Success

Skyline Solutions started to develop Scramble around passenger drones and flying cars.

The Scramble develops through 3 pillars: New Hangar Concept, Innovation in Materials and Architecture.

New Hangar Concept

A unique multi entrance-exit hangar, to fulfil the concept of the ‘always ready’ to flight for helicopters, small airplanes, drones and vehicles.

Innovation in Materials

Built in light and resistant material using innovative solutions, the Scramble is suitable for existing rooftop skyscrapers and buildings.


Our target is to create innovative spaces that are intelligent, sustainable and with an innovative design.

Enjoy the best materials and quality

Only the best grade materials and components have been selected with the highest quality being paramount. The hangar is a truly unique structure that is constructed with an innovative aluminium main-structure, which allows for the creation of the spherical roof with high loading characteristics, extended covered areas, and small transport volumes. Innovative material for this original construction has been used also for the roof cladding.

Innovative Opening System

An innovative opening system guarantees simple access to the workshop, and several vehicles can simultaneously be easily driven in and out of the hangar.

The Main Structure

The mainframe members are manufactured from lightweight structural aluminium extrusions.

All joints, inserts and footplates are manufactured from high-grade steel, engineered to provide the most strength with a low weight when packed.

The main frame has been designed with utility slots to accommodate the assembly of components and accessories, both internally and externally, along their full lengths. All major forces are transferred to the steel joints and any stress and wear points between the softer aluminium are taken out by using compression stops.

The Skin

Various technologies have been developed for roof panels, with different surface finishes.

Any composite panel manufactured for Scramble is fire resistant and thermally insulated. In terms of any other properties required (security, acoustic or others), the composite panels are easily customizable to specific performance requirements from civil to military applications.

Skyline has a partnership with a different suppliers which produce materials that don’t burn and resists fire without the emission of toxic fumes. Some materials are also extremely resistant to the impact of heavy hard bodies and that can also resist the shock waves of a TNT explosion.

The roof panels are extremely resistant to UV rays and to stormwind loads, totally waterproof and incredibly soundproof.