SCRAMBLE is designed according to the European and American Standards.

Roof cladding and main structure can also be designed to resist to shock waves of a TNT explosion.

The thickness and typologies of the roof panels will be chosen according to the thermal insulation/acoustic performance required by the client.

SCRAMBLE can be provided in different dimensions, with diameter from 13m to 32m and height between 6m to 14m, with one or both semi-dome operable for a unique multi entrance-exit hangar.


Model-M is designed to store up to 5 air drones and offers an upper level with waiting room/offices/convention spaces/open space for presentations and meetings.


Model-X is designed to store 1 single airdrone or helicopter and offers an upper level with private rooms or open spaces for events.


Scramble is serving also the market of exclusive private garages. Model-Mini is designed to store cars and offers an upper level with private spaces.