Offer a wide range of well-designed and functional hangars for different market and different purpose.


We aim to become the leading in urban infrastructure service provider worldwide. With our innovative technology and design, we will support cities in sustainably transforming the mobility concepts.


In this stage where competitors just started to enter the market, a partnership will be necessary to start the first prototype of Scramble.
Segment initially will be private customers and municipalities.
We are investigating possible partner to whome we can entrust the industrialization and production of this patent hangar.

A few things we’re great at

Drawing on its know-how, expertise and extensive knowledge of the composites and building industries, Skyline Solutions has developed and patented a new hangar concept, called Scramble, that has radically changed the principles of the traditional hangar.

Architectural Engineering

A unique multi-disciplinary approach to design and construction enabled us to realize Scramble, a new hangar concept.

Interior Design

The design and high-quality interior of the Scramble will provide a seamless and comfortable experience for future users.


Scramble is a multi-purpose coverage system, with lots of application fiels (aviation, defence, off-shore, industry).